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19-pound Bass Caught in California

Like many anglers, Ryan Reynolds’ personal best largemouth was in the 7-pound range when he went to bed on October 27, 2016. After his monstrous October 28th catch on California’s Lake Chabot Reservoir, however, his personal best leaped to 19 pounds. 

Yes, you read that correctly. 

According to reports from, the San Mateo, Calif. native caught a 19-pound bass while using a 1/2-ounce football jig with a Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Double Tail Hula Grub as a trailer. 


Reynolds had a few hours to kill that morning; as he drove over the San Mateo Bridge and noticed the beautiful weather, he decided to rent a skiff to do some bass fishing. After making a cast to a 20-foot deep tree, he felt what he describes as a “big tickâ€. 

After wrapping him around a tree limb, Reynolds managed to land the bass—without a net—and  called the marina to meet him with a scale. As it turns out, the giant eclipsed the 2002 lake record of 17 pounds. 

Below is a video of the live release. You’ll find it in the comments underneath the photo.  

WARNING: There is some NSFW language at the end of the video.

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