Top Ned Rig Setups for Reduced Snagging

The Ned Rig has become a staple tactic for catching bass everywhere, but it’s prone to snagging around cover. Pro bass angler Clent Davis combats this by using a small brush guard head to reduce snagging and fowling around cover like brush piles, rocks, and grass.


Suitable plastics pairings are near-infinite, but Davis narrows it down to 2 proven baits. The first, a small creature bait with its legs torn off, offers a more prominent profile and some appendage appeal, while the second is the typical 2.5-inch tried and true stick bait.

For Davis, Ned rigging is a tactic best fished on a light 8- to 10-pound line and with a 1/8- or 1/16th ounce head depending on the depth. He explains when to use each and his 3 go-to retrieve methods for coaxing bites.


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