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New-Age Ned Rig Baits | Realistic Plastics Hit the Scene

Just when you thought Ned rig videos had been exhausted, this new lineup of baits expands Ned fishing applications. Wired2fish contributor and head of Savage Gear Americas’ Product Development, Jose Chavez, walks us through his innovative lineup of Ned plastics. He covers down the core baits, what hole they fill in the market, design specifics, and some proven rigging methods for each bait. * Additional product links at the bottom.


Select members of the Wired2fish staff have fished these baits extensively with excellent success during the last few years. This video is loaded with live strikes, fish catch b-roll, and underwater footage of the baits doing their dance. Key profiles include a tube (goby imitator), finesse swimbait, crawfish, and even a salamander.

The overarching differentiator is hyper-realism in profiles coupled with a small form factor for each. If you’re into Ned fishing, we highly recommend giving this lineup a try, especially when faced with clear water and pressured fish.