Texas-rigging Metro Grassline Bass (Kayak VLOG)

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Quality bass fishing exists in many metropolitan areas, and a fishing kayak is an excellent way to access these often under-pressured waters. Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson visits such a lake and finds bass relating to steep-dropping grasslines. *See product links at the bottom.

Rather than traditional Texas-rigging, Kyle opts nail weighting the bottom of the worm then Texas-rigging a straight shank hook at the top (Tiny Child Rig). The worm sinks faster and more vertical with this rigging system while remaining completely weedless. These attributes make it easier to maintain bottom contact when fishing perpendicular to steep edges over traditional nose-weighted Texas rigging.

Peterson explains how a long spinning rod in conjunction with backpedaling enhances your landing ratio by quickly pulling bass clear from steep-edged cover.


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