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When to Fish Riprap With a Jerkbait

To crank or fish a jerkbait? There’s a time and place for each, and often times, both will be equal producers. But when it comes to fishing rocky lead in banks or riprap, jerkbaits tend to fall by the wayside as anglers favor crankbaits. Fair enough, but savvy hard bait anglers like Elite Series pro Mike McClelland have been quietly taking advantage of a jerkbait, especially under conditions where bass shift just off the break and suspend. This often happens when the wind dies down and the water clears, and according to McClelland, “there’s nothing more effective for catching bass out off the bank than a jerkbait.” Mike provides more “when” details in this video and also a good section on jerkbait cadence. Lures featured in this video: Spro McStick 95, McStick 110 and McStick 115.