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Ice Fishing Panfish | How to Find and Stay on Fish

Wired2fish’s Ryan DeChaine provides an overview of how he uses forward-facing sonar to quickly find schools of roaming crappies and sunfish and stay on top of them through regular scanning and moving. Live and 360 imaging technologies allow ice anglers to search large areas from a single ice hole quickly. The result is considerably less work and more information by revealing fish (or lack thereof), structure, and cover while spooking far fewer fish.


DeChaine discusses the basics of using Humminbird’s MEGA Live Imaging to determine the distance and direction of fish and where they’re positioned in the water column. The ice crew then makes precision moves to stay on top of them. Modern multi-function ice fish finders pack GPS, mapping, and sonar with flasher and scrolling display options. DeChaine discusses the benefits of using GPS and mapping to mark productive spots, understand WHY fish are using the area, and find other “like” spots.

Our buddy Luke Lovrek wraps things up by sharing his go-to sonar settings for vertically fishing crappies and bluegills using 2D sonar in conjunction with micro ice jigs.


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