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Why CHIRP is the Best 2D Sonar for Ice Fishing

Two-Dimensional (2D) sonar has become a popular choice in ice fishing for interpreting the under-ice world on a scrolling screen. When it comes to sonar types, CHIRP (Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse) delivers exceptional target separation and interference reduction, but how does this help you find and catch more fish?


Professional fishing guide Brad Hawthorne explains that the power of CHIRP sonar lies in its ability to read multiple frequencies simultaneously with excellent clarity. One major benefit to choosing different frequencies is the ability to reduce interference with other nearby fish finders. A simple button push allows you to quickly change frequencies to reduce unwanted noise and false fish soundings.

Lastly, Hawthorne explains how color pallets help you determine the size and distance of fish in relation to your lure. All taken, modern 2D sonar with ice-specific functionality and mapping (with select models) is a vast improvement over yesteryear’s simple 2D sonar and flasher technologies.