Ice Fishing

5 Reasons Fluorocarbon is the Best Ice Fishing Line

Professional fishing guide Brad Hawthorne explains why fluorocarbon is his favorite line for ice fishing panfish and even predator fish like walleyes. Like any line selection, you need to match material properties to the environment you’re fishing. For Hawthorne, subfreezing temperatures dictate the use of a line that repels water (hydrophobic).


Fluorocarbon sheds water and lays straight through rod guides, even with tiny tungsten jigs — both essential characteristics in bite detection and freeze-up prevention. Lines that absorb water, such as monofilament and braid, suffer from coiling (aka memory-mono) and kinking with braid. So what? Slack between you and the fish mutes bite detection and the action with spoons, jigs, and plastics. Check out our Ice Fishing Channel for more in-depth content.