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Ice Fishing Panfish – Find Crappies and Bluegills with Ease

Lack of mobility in ice fishing makes finding and staying on top of fish the biggest barrier to success (catching!). Full-time fishing guide Brad Hawthorne details how he locates nomadic gamefish on a typical ice fishing lake through the use of lake mapping to hone in on likely areas, MEGA 360 Imaging to find and stay on top of fish, and CHIRP sonar to catch them when you’ve landed on the school.

This commonsense step-by-step process is all about combining knowledge with the most sophisticated technologies available to find fish under a sheet of ice with greater speed and efficiency than ever before. The beauty is, the same principles can be applied using the same equipment in open water situations, delivering year-round success and value.

Check out Humminbird’s detailed MEGA 360 Imaging Blog if you’re interested in learning more about the technology and how to get configured.

GEAR LISTING (MEGA 360 Imaging Setup)