How to Get Quickly Setup When Ice Fishing in Extreme Cold

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When temperatures reach frigid extremes, having the ability to set up fast and be efficient means less time in the cold and more time fishing. Wired2Fish editor McKeon Roberts spends a great deal of time on ice and often in some not so favorable conditions. McKeon stresses that a shelter is a must in these situations and one that sets up quickly, warms up quickly and retains heat is just as important. When searching for a spot to set up, getting down and interacting with the fish as fast as possible by using heavier weighted lures to start will help you find those higher concentrations without painstakingly waiting to get to depth and battling freezing holes. Having an idea of where you want to set up on the lake in advance will eliminate some of the guesswork and time searching for a spot. By studying maps you can get a good idea of where and what to set up on and then locate those spots nearest to where you enter the lake.

Ice Fishing Gear Used:

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