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Jenko Persues 110 Suspending Jerkbait Review

A good jerkbait isn’t all that hard to find these days. There are more companies producing more fishing lures than ever before, so like most bait genres, the jerkbait category is saturated with options. What has been a little hard to find until recently is a high-end jerkbait for a mid-range price. I believe Jenko Fishing has created just that with the bait we’ll be looking at today—the Persues 110 Suspending Jerkbait.

The Jenko Persues 110 Suspending Jerkbait has a great price point

I usually wouldn’t start a review with the price point of a lure, but rather like to keep that tidbit of information for the wrap-up section at the end of each review. However, I felt the need to start this review here when I looked up the price tag for this jerkbait, as it pales in comparison to most of its competition. This jerkbait sells for a mere $9.99, when it’s every bit the quality of some of the 20- and 30-dollar baits in its space. 

I’ll show you some of the features in the following paragraphs that I believe put this bait up there with the best of them. I was initially impressed by the paint job and more impressed when I put this bait in the water. So I just assumed it cost 20 bucks like similar baits. It was a pleasant surprise to find out otherwise. 

Weight transfer system

This is the primary reason I thought this bait would cost more. Jenko incorporated a weight transfer system into the Persues 110, which helps the bait cast far better than other jerkbaits without a similar system. On the backcast, two metal balls slide back to the tail of the bait, allowing it to sail through the air tail first when released. This makes the bait as aerodynamic as possible and limits the negative effects of wind resistance that would otherwise cause the bait to tumble through the air, which would slow it down and drastically reduce the distance the bait could be cast. 

When the lure hits the water, the weights roll towards the nose of the bait and come to rest in a recess in the belly of the bait. Jenko didn’t use a magnet like some companies do to hold the weights in place, opting instead to let gravity do the work with a two-tiered chamber. As you work the bait back, the weights are locked in place and when the bait comes out of the water and is loaded up for the next cast, the weights roll out of the divot and into the tail of the bait once again. 

Other weights, rattles and color schemes

Jenko didn’t rely solely on these two beads to do all the work. There’s also a bead used as a fixed belly weight as well as three more small beads in the tail of the bait that rattle, and aid in the casting of the lure no doubt. As the two larger beads roll back and forth through the chamber, the fixed belly weight stays in position to help level the bait back out when it hits the water and the three little beads in the tail rattle with every slight twitch of the rod. 

This combination creates a well-balanced and attractive bait. When you then mix in some beautiful paint jobs, the Persues 110 is a force to be reckoned with, both audibly and aesthetically. This bait is available in several of the classic fish catching colors you see across the jerkbait genre like Table Rock, Threadfin Shad, Ghost Clown, Pro Blue and Black n’ Gold. There are also a few unique takes like Gagonit Green, Sneaky and Bruiser which add additional offerings for a wide range of water clarities and conditions.

The bottom line

Jenko incorporated a quality set of round-bend VMC Treble Hooks into this build. These are stout hooks but they aren’t so heavy that they’ll throw off the action or suspension of the bait, while still strong enough to hold up to small and big fish alike, as long as your drag is set properly and your rod selection is adequate.

This is listed as a suspending jerkbait. In the right conditions, I believe it will suspend. Though I must admit I tested this bait in extremely high water temps during the summer. Most jerkbaits are designed to be fished in colder months and thus designed to suspend during those times. But colder water is denser, so in warmer water, baits that are designed to suspend will actually sink. That was my experience. Testing this bait out in 90-degree water, it slowly sank. But given ideal water temps between 40 and 50 degrees, I strongly believe this lure will suspend. 

Available in 12 highly detailed paint schemes, equipped with a quality set of hooks and having incorporated a weight transfer system for easier casting, I believe Jenko brought a steal to market in the Persues 110 Suspending Jerkbait for only $9.99. This is a bait I’d suggest any jerkbait novice or aficionado put to the test and you may just find a new favorite. 

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