D&L Advantage Casting Jig Review

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A jig has been a staple in bass fishing since the beginning of the sport. Consisting of a jig head, skirt and weed guard, the jig is a simple lure that is responsible for catching giant bass all over the United States. All three of these components must be crafted to evade cover, deliver a natural presentation, and provide a consistent hookup ratio. While this is a simple bait in theory, mastering the art of jig making can be quite difficult. 

The D&L Advantage Casting Jig has tailored this bait to deliver great hook penetration while still remaining weedless around heavy cover. This lure has been a staple in my tackle box for years, and I’ve found a few specific scenarios where this bait really excels. One of the biggest reasons this bait is such a consistent fish catcher is due to the head design and components used to create this jig.





The D&L Advantage Casting Jig comes with numerous features that make it an ideal choice for a variety of heavy cover scenarios. This bait features a recessed line tie to protect your knot, as well as a fiber weed guard to deflect cover. Along with the weed guard, one of the biggest reason this bait is so weedless is because of its streamline head design. The rounded head allows this bait to slide in and out of cover without snags, which is something you can really appreciate in a jig. There’s nothing worse than having to get your jig unstuck ever couple casts when fishing laydowns or other types of shallow cover. 

The D&L Advantage Casting Jig also features a strong straight shank hook that delivers consistent hook penetration. I’ve never had an issue bending this hook out on a fish, which is important with this style of fishing. This bait also features a silicone skirt held in place by a rubber collar. The Advantage Casting Jig comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes that are sure to match whatever forage you’re trying to imitate.

D&L Bass


I have personally fished this bait around numerous types of cover on lakes all over the Southern United States. While this bait works around all sorts of cover, Ive had the most luck around shallow wood and steep rock banks. Shallow wood is my all time favorite location to fish this bait. The mix between this baits weedless profile and consistent hookup ratio make it a great option for flipping bushes, laydowns and dock posts. 

This jig becomes especially productive around the spawn. During this time fish move up shallow on various types of cover. This is when I’ve had the most success flipping rock banks with the D&L Advantage Casting Jig. These steep banks provide quick and easy access to shallow water, while the hard bottom allows for a great spawning location. Flipping a jig against these banks and slowly hopping it down hill is a great way to catch bass on this lure. 

One of the more productive days of jig fishing I’ve ever had occurred on this jig, running a similar rock pattern. Bass were spawning on slate rock banks, and nearly ever area that had this type of rock would produce a quality largemouth. It would often take multiple casts, however if I left the bait in the strike zone long enough almost ever slate patch would produce a quality female largemouth. The specific D&L jig I was using was the 1/2-ounce Cumberland Craw Advantage Casting Jig. 

JB3 Rods


Throwing this bait around cover can be a lot of fun. However in order to tangle with big fish in tight quarters, you’re going to need the right setup. For this style of fishing I prefer a longer fast-action rod, with heavy fluorocarbon and a high gear ratio reel. This longer rod allows for more leverage over the fish when pulling them out of thick cover. The heavy action allows you to get good penetrate even with heavy gauge hooks. The ideal rod length for flipping laydowns and shallow cover is somewhere between 7-foot 2-inch to 7-foot 4-inch. My go to rod for fishing the Advantage Casting Jig is the  heavy action 7-foot 7-inch JB3 Sea Pony Casting Rod. 

For a reel, one with a faster gear ratio and deep spool is perfect for this style of fishing. The high gear ratio allows you to quickly bring in line when trying to catch up with a fish. Jig fishing often results in getting slack lined by the fish, this reel allows you to quickly pick up line and re-apply tension to the fish. The deep spool also allows you to hold plenty of heavy gauge 17 to 20-pound fluorocarbon. My go to reels for jig fishing is the Shimano Curado DC 150 in the 8:1 gear ratio. 

If your looking for a bait that excels around shallow cover, the D&L Advantage Casting Jig is a great option. This baits streamline profile, lifelike color patterns and stout hook make it a great option for fishing a wide variety of cover. This has been a staple bait in my tackle box for a long time, and it will continue to be something I rely on to catch quality bass for years to come.



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