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Greenfish Tackle Little Rubber Jig Review

One of the hottest jigs on the market right now is the Greenfish Tackle Little Rubber Jig. This craze is due to Tyler Williams recent Bassmaster Elite Series qualification that was largely credited to this jig. This is an extremely versatile lure that can be used in a wide varsity of depth ranges. Greenfish Tackle achieves this by employing a multitude of unique features that makes this bait a true fish catcher in numerous conditions.



The Greenfish Tackle Little Rubber Jig is built using an Arkey style head with a thick weed guard, making it a great choice for heavy cover scenarios. This jig features a hand-tied rubber skirt as well as added silicone strands. All of this is based around a super sharp hook that I’ve found delivers consistent hook penetration. This bait features a barbed keeper that holds your trailer in place when fishing around thick cover. The Little Rubber Jig is available in 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4-ounce sizes as well as four different color patterns.


One of the main reasons this jig is so popular is because of its tournament applications. This is the lure Tyler Williams said caught the majority of fish he weighed in this year. His season was so productive, that it led to him qualifying for the Bassmaster Elite Series. While lighter versions of this jig are great options for up shallow, this jig really shines on offshore structure.

This is a great bait for targeting fish holding on offshore cover. This can be anything from a brush pile to a shell bed, all of which are prime locations to throw this bait. The 3/4-ounce version is best suited for offshore. The most overlooked way to use this jig is throwing it at individual fish on live sonar. This is a great way to put quality fish in the boat that other anglers aren’t targeting. 


While there are numerous ways to fish the Little Rubber Jig, two of my favorites include in shallow brush and offshore ledges. I generally opt for the 1/2-ounce version of this jig when fishing shallow cover, and I typically pair it with a chunk style trailer. Using live sonar to cast your jig over the brush, then slowly pulling it back to the boat is an extremely effective way to work this jig. This is a great pattern throughout the fall and winter for putting quality sized fish in the boat.

Another productive way to fish this jig is by fishing it around offshore ledges. Throughout the fall and winter, fish will roam the river ledges to feed on crawfish and other types of forage. A jig is the perfect option for targeting these isolated fish. Casting this bait at individual fish and allowing it to fall right past their face is a great way to get fish to react to this lure. I typically pair this bait with a craw style trailer when fishing offshore hard spots.


Throwing a big jig can be a super fun way to catch some giant fish. One of the best ways to insure a productive day of throwing the Little Rubber Jig is by having the proper setup. I like to fish this bait on 17-pound test with a longer rod and a high gear ratio reel. I like a 7-foot 7-inch rod with enough backbone to set the hook at long distances. One of my favorite rods to throw this bait on is the JB3 Sea-Pony Casting Rod.

For a reel, I like one with a large spool and a fast gear ratio. The larger spool size allows for more line capacity when making long casts offshore. This also allows you to fish this bait on a higher gauge line. The higher gear ratio allows you to catch up with fish when setting the hook at long distances. My go-to reel for offshore jig fishing is the Shimano Curado 200 K in the 8:1 gear ratio. 

The Greenfish Tackle Little Rubber Jig is great for a variety of both shallow and offshore fishing. This bait is a proven fish catcher and will likely continue to produce in bass fishing tournaments across the country. If you are in the market for your next all-purpose jig, the Greenfish Tackle Little Rubber Jig is worth trying out.