Lunkerhunt “The HIVE is Buzzing” Giveaway Winners

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Lunkerhunt is always looking for new ways to build a better mousetrap. We really like their ability to reach out of the box and put together products that are many times unlike others on the market. Their design team is big on tried and true but also put their own special tweaks that immediately folks recognize as their brand. Their frogs are the real deal and those that fish them rave about their uniqueness and fish-catching prowess. Their hard baits including the IMPACT line-up take proven shapes but also add little Lunkerhunt subtleties that make them wobble, look and fish just a little bit different and those that know, know.

They just created a new line-up of soft plastics that will again have the fishing industry buzzing with their new HIVE series and for this giveaway have tossed in a couple of new designs that will be announced at ICAST this year to give you a taste.

Five winners will be excited to own a good assortment of the HIVE Series plus as always a few cool items Lunkerhunt is known for.

This giveaway includes:

HIVE Seeker Swimbait 3.5

HIVE Seeker Swimbait 4.5

HIVE Hover Shot

HIVE Tandem Trailer

HIVE Versa Fish

HIVE Ned Drone

HIVE Typhon

HIVE Versa Worm

HIVE Hexa Grub

HIVE Micro Stash

HIVE Micro Typhon

HIIVE Micro Manta

HIVE Micro Strider

HIVE Micro Relic

PLUS (new for ICAST 2023 – not released yet)

HIVE Hellgrammite

HIVE Wacky Stick

WAIT…there’s more:


Bottle Opener


 Congratulations to the winners, your gear is on the way! Thanks for entering and as always, keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways from the Wired2fish guys. 

Michael Toyne – Muscatine, Iowa

Jeremy Chase – Mishawaka, Ind.

Shannon Ryan – Erie, Pa.

Leanne Motley-Smith – Winchester, Ill.

Mark Freiner – Festus, Mo.