BassMooch Giveaway Winners

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A relatively new plastic company in the industry is making major strides with anglers. You may not have heard about them yet but rest assured you will. That company is BassMooch. They continue to evolve and have enlisted the help of Classic Champ Hank Cherry to design and test their products to establish a great line-up and to be cutting-edge. More designs are under development but today their line-up continues to receive rave reviews with wins in local and regional tournaments. It’s only a matter of time before Cherry wins on them too.

We wanted to give you a chance to try them out for themselves in our latest giveaway. The winners will receive the following tournament-tested baits:

  • Slim Solo
  • Flow Worm
  • Shooter Craw
  • Shooter Worm
  • Brawler Bug

Check them out at

Congratulations to the winners, your gear is on the way! Thanks for entering and as always, keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways from Wired2fish.

  • Alan Trawick – Columbia, S.C.

  • David Kiel – Portage, Pa.

  • Paul Maki – East Gull Lake, Minn.

  • Matt West – Buffalo, Mo.

  • Kevin Eyman – Jacksonville, Ore.