Why You Should Use Walking Baits for Springtime Bass

It’s rare that bass in any given system are at the same stage of the spawn at the same time. This means springtime bass are usually spread out with some fish moving shallow, some on beds, and others post spawn and dispersing to summer locations. A walking bait allows you to catch of all of these fish by covering water on long casts, moving fast and triggering bites.

Professional angler Brandon Palaniuk has ultimate confidence in the triggering ability of well-designed walking baits such as the Storm Arashi Top Walker. You can immediately vary the speed of retrieve and aggressiveness to the mood of the fish and comb large swaths of water such as spawning flats and edges on a single cast. Palaniuk prefers working walking baits with a shorter rod and high-speed reel spooled up with braid and a monofilament leader. He relies on the Crazy Alberto knot (aka Modified Albright) for his braid-to-leader connection, and ties the fluorocarbon leader directly to the line tie of the Arashi Top Walker to impart maximum action.


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