Why Pair Fluorocarbon and Braid on Flipping and Pitching Setups

Seth Feider presents a compelling case for why he fishes a braid mainline to a fluorocarbon leader for most of his flipping and pitching setups. The benefits are many, ranging from greatly reduced line costs, less stretch for better hookups, invisibility and further casting.

A lot of guys are scared of this system for fear of an extra knot and the intense stress placed on the braid to fluorocarbon connection with heavy hooksets, but it doesn’t need to be a factor.

Seth walks us through the process from the FG knot, leader length specifics, and how casting reel drags need to be adjusted to prevent line breakage.

If you want exceptional all-around casting reel line performance, single rod flexibility as it relates to leader diameter, invisibility, and not wasting time and money with constant re-spooling, than this system is worth a try. It combines the best attributes of both braid and fluorocarbon.


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