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Topwater Tactics with Walking Baits | Shad Spawn Bass

In this video, pro bass angler Chris Lane shares a morning of top water bass fishing during the shad and brim spawn on picturesque Lake Guntersville! While topwater poppers excel during the shad spawn, He shares his process of finding post-spawn bass using walking baits as a search lure to locate pockets of fish quickly and efficiently.

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During the early morning of late spring, Lane’s strategy revolves around visiting multiple spots and making long casts with walking plugs to cover water fast and locate fish-holding areas. A quality walking bait casts a mile and draws bass with its seductive repetitive action and sound. Patience is essential here. Many bass will show themselves on a walking bait without committing, so avoid premature hooksets and keep the bait moving. Return strikes are common.

Lane demonstrates the importance of understanding the habitat preferences of bass as he explores different fishing locations. The video will show you how to identify key areas where bass are more likely to feed, whether near grass, wood, or rocks. As the day progresses, learn how to switch up your approach and revisit productive spots to increase your chances of landing bass located on the walking bait.

Making long casts and fishing fast is best accomplished with a specific rod setup. Lane recommends using a fast 8.3:1 reel spooled with a 50-pound paired with a longer medium-heavy power rod. A high-speed reel supports quick line pickup when working the bait or setting the hook. The longer rod helps achieve increased casting distance and hook-setting power and leverage.

You’ll be well on your way to mastering top water bass fishing during the shad spawn season by following the tips and techniques in this video.