Jacob Wheeler’s Rocky Bank Crawfish Pattern

Like bluegills, bass target crawfish throughout the country, which makes understanding their movements a key element in establishing productive patterns, along with using crawfish lures. Few know this better than Jacob Wheeler, who consistently targets bass around crawfish along rocky banks. Wheeler focuses on crawfish behavior in shallow water and how this influences bass activity, particularly around steeper banks.

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Imitating crawfish is crucial, especially when shallow and active. Wheeler highlights how bass relate to crawfish in various seasons, such as winter, prespawn, post-spawn, and fall. His insights into the movements of crawfish and how bass respond provide a deeper understanding of where to look and how to catch them with soft plastics.

The key to Wheeler’s success lies in his ability to mimic the natural movements of crawfish. Notably, he partnered with Rapala to design the CrushCity Bronco Bug, which does an exceptional job replicating the defensive posture of a crawfish. He discusses the bait’s unique design features, such as a raised rib design for better hook positioning and extra life, and the inverted leg appendages that create a lifelike quivering effect. These characteristics make the bait more appealing to bass and generate more bites.

Wheeler’s approach to flipping bass on rocky banks applies throughout the country, whether you’re fishing riprap, shield rock, or rocky transition banks on reservoirs. This video is an essential guide for anglers looking to refine their techniques and increase their success in environments where crawfish are a key part of the bass diet.



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