VMC RedLine Series Hooks: Exclusive Look with Seth Feider

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Join pro bass angler Seth Feider as he gives Wired2fish an exclusive rundown on the new VMC RedLine Series of hooks, which he helped develop to meet the specific performance needs of tournament anglers.

As Seth notes, landing as many fish as possible is the goal of recreational and tournament anglers alike. The RedLine Series features unique material properties, features, and hook styles to put fish in the boat on nearly every technique imaginable.

Made with super strong vanadium steel and coated with PTFE for slickness, the VMC RedLine Series hooks provide enhanced hook penetration. They cater to a range of soft bait and hard bait requirements.

In this comprehensive video, Seth Feider breaks down the VMC RedLine hook series, explaining the unique features and applications of each hook type:

  1. RedLine Drop Shot Hook: Buy at Omnia Fishing Perfect for smallmouth bass and nose hooking 2- to 4-inch baits when drop shot fishing. This hook delivers optimal action and a natural appearance for your baits.
  2. RedLine Wacky Neko Hook: Buy at Omnia Fishing Available in three variations, this versatile hook can be used for open water wacky rigging, Neko rigging, and drop shotting. Seth highlights the original RedLine Wacky Neko as his favorite for its resin eye and lack of keeper.
  3. RedLine Weedless Wacky Neko: Buy at Omnia Fishing Featuring a fluorocarbon weed guard, this hook is ideal for Neko or wacky rigging around wood and grass, minimizing fouling.
  4. RedLine Finesse Neko: Buy at Omnia Fishing Equipped with a keeper on the hook shank by the eye, this hook allows for weedless rigging when fishing drop shots around grass or brush, power shooting, or threading a bait.
  1. RedLine Hybrid Wide Gap: Buy at Omnia Fishing Designed for light flipping and pitching applications with Texas-rigged plastics, this hook pairs well with 1/8th up to 3/4 ounce tungsten worm or flipping weights.
  2. RedLine Heavy Duty Flippin’: Buy at Omnia Fishing A straight-shank hook ideal for punching or pitching to bass close to the boat or when using Z-Man ElaZtech baits
  3. RedLine Hybrid Worm Hook: Buy at Omnia Fishing Specifically crafted for Texas-rigging slender plastics, Carolina rigging, or fishing fluke-style or stick baits, this offset round bend hook ensures a compact and streamlined presentation.
  4. RedLine Finesse Treble Hook: Buy at Omnia Fishing A lightweight, strong hook suitable for crankbaits, jerkbaits, and topwater lures. Ott DeFoe showcases its effectiveness in this action-packed jerkbait bass fishing video.