How to Use 360 Imaging to Find Bottom Changes

Brandon Palaniuk makes a point to learn and apply available technology to his fishing approaches. He says with 100% conviction that he won’t step foot on the casting deck without firing up his Humminbird 360, which in his words, “gives me a complete picture of what the bottom looks like around my boat.” This is a big deal when the fish are relating to specific bottom transitions or cover elements. Two-dimensional sonar shows us what hard and soft bottoms look like below us, but 360 does the same all around the boat and far off to the sides, even at standstill. This allows you to keep the boat off of where you think the fish are. Cranking hard and soft bottom transition zones is a prime 360 situation. Brandon shows us what 360 is showing him, and how he offsets his boat and varies casting angles until he figures out how the bass are relating to the structure.

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