How to Tie a Cut-Proof Leader to Reduce Bite-Offs

Lures aren’t cheap, and bite-offs from toothy fish like pike, musky, and a host of saltwater species have been draining wallets for years. Wired2Fish’s Ryan DeChaine lives in the heart of pike country and addresses this issue with single strand titanium leader wire. Much like a fluorocarbon leader, a simple Albright Knot quickly attaches the desired length of cut-proof leader material to the mainline (braid, fluorocarbon or monofilament), and a simple clinch knot secures the lure at the end. We habitually use Terminator Titanium to prevent bite-offs when jerkbait fishing for bass. When tied to a split ring or small snap, the lightweight 20lb leader doesn’t inhibit lure action. It’s also relatively stealthy thanks to the matte smoke finish. Unlike steel or stranded wire leaders, the nickel-titanium material doesn’t kink, and making a quick leader in the boat or when ice fishing requires no special tools – just a pliers for tightening the knots and snipping the tag ends.


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