How to Fish Topwater Poppers in Cover for Bass

Poppers are a favorite topwater bass fishing lure but many are scared to fish them around woody cover for fear of snagging. Professional bass fisherman Ott DeFoe will tell you this is exactly where you should throw them. Big bass are tough to pull from their haunts so having a bait that imparts lots of action and noise while staying relatively in place is excellent at calling fish from cover and triggering strikes.

Ott discusses how he fishes poppers around cover and adjusts his cadence to the mood of the fish. Not all poppers are created equal – Ott had a direct hand in the development of the Storm Arashi Cover Pop and shares some key design specs that make this an excellent popper for cover scenarios and being able to handle giant bass such as a 9-pound, 9-ounce behemoth it produced for Ott in the 2017 Bass Master Classic.


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