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How to Fish Laydowns with Precision

For the modern sport fisherman, GPS and sonar technology such as side and down imaging, and high resolution 2D sonar have been transformative technologies that help us catch more target species on a consistent basis. In the bass world, boat control tools like the shallow water anchor have done the same – greatly simplifying boat control in a lot fishing situations. The same holds true of the Minn Kota Ultrex, a power steering assist bow-mount trolling motor than functions like your existing cable drive, only beefier, more responsive, and packed with GPS technology.

We connected with Jeff Kolodzinski, Fishing Brand Manager for Johnson Outdoors, for a few days of fishing with the Ultrex. This video showcases the use of the Ultrex Spot-Lock and Jog function (GPS-controlled) in a common scenario: fishing a laydown tree, dock or other shore-based piece of cover, only this time, pretty much hands free and focused on fishing.

Here’s a few more how-to videos where the Ultrex factored heavily in our day on the water and overall success:

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