How to Drop Shot Rock Structures with Seth Feider on Mille Lacs Lake

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Wired2fish’s 2016 Top 20 Bass Fishing Lakes places Minnesota’s Mille Lacs Lake at the number two spot. Mille Lacs and other Great Lakes of the north bear similar resemblance in rocky structure, and there’s a lot of parallels in how smallmouth bass relate to rock. The drop shot is a dominant presentation in these systems and especially excels in mid-depth to deeper water ranging from 10-30 feet.


Seth Feider takes us through his full drop shot location and rigging system that lead him to dominate a star-studded professional field in the 2016 Bassmaster AOY Championship on Mille Lacs Lake. He spares no detail as he talks and demonstrates the location process, which dives heavily into the use of electronics to find the right rocks, presence of fish, and targeting of those spots with waypoints and mapping. As Feider explains, not all rocks are created equal and you need to use side imaging in conjunction with down imaging and 2D sonar to find the right ones before you start fishing.

Feider then walks us through how he fishes the drop shot around rocks, including boat position, bow electronics analysis, and where to drop your lure relative to the rocks. He rounds out the tip with some excellent terminal tackle and rod and reel considerations for targeting big bass and manages to hook and land a giant to drive home his talking points.

Give this entire video a watch for several important takeaways that’ll help your drop shot bass fishing game regardless of where you live or favorite bass species.