Hair Jigs for Bass | Seth Feider’s North Country Tactic

Bass fishing with big hair jigs (aka preacher jigs) is a popular offshore bass tactic on ledges, particularly on the Tennessee River. Still, they also work excellently for bass in northern natural lakes and reservoirs. Seth Feider details how he fishes plus-sized hair jigs for north country bass during the summer and early fall months.


Good bass anglers are always looking for new techniques that bass haven’t seen, and this is undoubtedly one of them. Where many good anglers are fishing crankbaits or jigs, a “chicken jig” is the first lure Feider uses when he starts working a bass school because it targets and triggers the biggest fish in the school. As the bit fizzles, he transitions to other baits, but many of his key fish come first on the hair.

Feider details how he fishes the bait, utilizing a pendulum and reel technique. It isn’t for the faint of heart, as strikes are often vicious, and you’re driving big hook home. As such, setup is essential. Feider prefers a long, stout rod paired with a fast reel and braided mainline.

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