Perfect Offshore Deep Crankbait Fishing Like Jacob Wheeler

Jacob Wheeler is one of the hottest anglers in professional bass fishing right now and he’s spent a lot of time honing his skills with a deep-diving crankbait like a Rapala DT20. But he’s also learned a tremendous amount of useful tips he shares in this video about angles, reading the fish, triggering reactions from bigger fish even when it looks like everyone else is finesse fishing. 

He’s leading the FLW Pro Circuit event on his home waters of Lake Chickamauga going into the final day, and he’s already won an offshore ledge fishing tournament on the MLF Bass Pro Tour earlier in the 2020 season on Lake Eufaula. This is an extremely useful video for getting better with.a deep-diving crank and reading the mood of offshore bass. 

Check out more of Jacob on his informative and entertaining YouTube channel!


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