How to Tie the Eugene Slip Knot

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I first learned the Eugene slip knot from Elite Series pro James Niggemeyer, and I added it to the list because it’s so quick, simple and strong. And because of that it’s a handy knot to know how to tie especially when folks who make their living guiding and competing in fishing tournaments trust it as a go-to knot. The Eugene Knot focuses on using doubled line to strengthen the knot and it’s a good knot when you want to make sure your line has a lot of knot surface area for fraying and such.

When to Fish Slip Knots like the Eugene Slip Knot

If you flip and pitch and fish heavy cover then the Eugene slip knot might be a good idea for you. Slip knots are good when you need abrasion resistance or when you really might have to wrench on fish like when it’s buried in cover or behind something like a dock post. Then a slip knot really excels as it tightens down the more you pull.

How to Tie the Eugene Slip Knot

These step by step instructions will help you visualize and perfect tying this knot.

step one of Eugene slip knot

Step 1 – Double the line to wrap

Start by passing the tag end through the eyelet and then running it parallel to the mainline and then doubling it back down to form a big loop.

step 2 eugene slip knot

Step 2 – Wrap 5 times

Wrap the double-lined loop around the mainline 5 times.

step 3 eugene slip knot

Step 3 – Pass through the loop

Grab the tag end and pass it through the top of the loop on your Eugene Slip Knot at the top of your wraps.

eugene slip knot

Step 4 – Wet the knot and pull tight

Slowly pull the moistened knot tight by pulling the tag end.

Pull both tag and mainline together and then just the main line to tighten it all the way.

You may hear an infamous click when you pull this knot tight. That’s actually what you’ll come to expect when you tie it right.

Video Instructions on Tying Eugene Slip Knot

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