Deep Wiggle Wart Guide with Jacob Wheeler

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In this video, pro bass angler Jacob Wheeler shares his experiences and expertise on how to fish the Storm Original Wiggle Wart, a crankbait with a wide wobble and erratic action that has helped him earn significant winnings throughout his career. Discover how Wheeler adapts to challenging fishing conditions when fish retreat from the banks to depths beyond the reach of the standard Wiggle Wart.

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Thankfully, Storm introduced the Wiggle Wart Deep, allowing Wheeler to target bass at depths up to 13 feet. Learn from Jacob as he emphasizes the importance of varying your retrieve, adjusting speed, and using pulls to more accurately imitate the movements of crayfish, leading to increased catches.

One of the key advantages of the Wiggle Wart is its extensive range of colors, which proves invaluable to Wheeler, a tournament angler who fishes across the nation. Gain insight into his unique approach of examining local crayfish by turning over rocks at each fishery, then selecting a Wiggle Wart color that closely resembles the local forage.

Enhance your bass fishing skills with these expert tips from Jacob Wheeler and unlock the potential of the Storm Wiggle Wart Deep. He shares a few of his other favorite bass crankbaits in this video

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