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Crankbait Fishing Prespawn Bass on Road Beds

When most bass anglers head shallow in the prespawn period, Shane LeHew likes exploiting untapped bass staging offshore. He demonstrates how he uses his Garmin LiveScope Plus to locate the edge and high spots on road beds, then make targeted casts to the high rocky areas using a squarebill and lipless crankbait 1-2 punch.

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Road beds are excellent ambush and general collection points for bass in winter and early prespawn. Forward-facing sonar allows us to keep off and make high-percentage casts to individual fish and just good-looking structure and cover without spooking them. LeHew was faced with a mean Florida cold front on this day. The deeper offshore bass seemed more resilient and less pressured, so it was a move that paid off.

He scored a few quality fish by working the high spot with a squarebill crankbait, then transitioned to yo-yo’ing a lipless crankbait to stair-step down the edges effectively and trigger reaction bites using this classic cold water technique.

Don’t always head to the mats because you’re supposed to. Road beds can be highways to spawning locations while providing access to deeper water. Try them during the prespawn if the shallow water bite falls flat.