Combine MEGA 360 and MEGA Live for More Insight

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Pro bass angler Bryan Thrift explains the benefits of combining forward-facing sonar and 360 imaging to enhance your understanding of the structure and cover around your boat. Thrift highlights the value of using both imaging systems to identify and target underwater structures precisely. No single technology does it all, but cueing sensors yield additional insight to help you catch more fish.


On a fishing trip to a large flat, Thrift shows how the Humminbird MEGA 360 provides a detailed visual of the underwater environment, revealing an inconspicuous ditch running from the bank to the main lake. With the help of the Humminbird MEGA Live’s powerful imaging capabilities, Thrift can confirm the presence of the ditch and how deep it is while also determining its exact direction.

However, by combining the strengths of the Humminbird MEGA Live and MEGA 360, Thrift can make accurate casts directly into the ditch, increasing his chances of getting bit. This powerful duo offers unparalleled underwater vision, with the MEGA 360 acting as a fisherman’s eyes beneath the surface and the MEGA Live providing real-time imaging of fish and structure and cover.

While the Humminbird MEGA Live has gained significant attention in recent years as the latest breakthrough in fishing technology, Thrift emphasizes the continued importance of the Humminbird MEGA 360 for complete situational awareness. MEGA 360 allows anglers to visualize underwater structures, making offshore fishing feel like bank fishing. Think of MEGA 360 as painting a detailed terrain map on the lake contours.

Discover the full potential of these two powerful technologies as Thrift shares expert tips and insights on maximizing their combined capabilities. Watch to understand the power of Humminbird MEGA Live and MEGA 360 and how these technologies can transform your fishing experience for the better.