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Choosing Versatile Rod Selections

Choosing Versatile Rod Selections

Let’s say you like to fish lots of different species of fish and you could only carry 3 rods with you, what would they be?

When chasing big toothy critters or bass in cover, a heavy power bass action flipping stick rigged with a high speed reel has the speed for quick sets and pulling back bone.

20 lb fluorocarbon or 65 pound test braid are good line options. A medium heavy power, fast action rod rigged with a high speed casting reel covers down on a range of applications from worm and jig fishing to spinnerbaits.

14-17 pound test monofilament line is strong and versatile. Medium power, extra fast action drop shot rods rigged with mid size long cast spinning reels are awesome for delivering smaller and finesse presentations.

Spool up with 10-15 test pound braid or fuse. This basic selection of rods and reels will give you about enough versatility to catch just about any fish.