Engine Mounted Trolling Motors

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Bow mount trolling motors are a mainstay on most anglers boats but if trolling is part of your fishing game, the engine mount electric motor will add a whole new dimension to your boat control.

Today’s four strokes give us an incredible control over speed but engine mount motors offer another level of refinement. Back trolling is my go to tactic when fish are bottom oriented on specific structure elements. When I find fish, I shift the outboard into the lowest reverse setting and put the EM into forward. The backward outward thrust is counteracted by the forward thrust of the EM which is highly adjustable allowing exacting control of boat speed.

Heavily pressured walleyes require finesse and quiet delivery. I use spinner rigs at or under one mile an hour presented using quiet EM power to get planer boards away from the boat. I just troll speeds at 1/10 of a mile per hour increments until I find the sweet spot.

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