Best Lures for Prespawn Smallmouth Bass | Great Lakes

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In this insightful video, seasoned angler Cody Hahner unveils his top four best lures for prespawn smallmouth bass, specially curated for fishing in the dynamic environment of the Great Lakes. Hahner’s wealth of experience and deep understanding of these fish transform into practical tips and techniques that’ll get you hooked up.

Hahner dissects his four best lures for smallmouth bass, all of which excel at finding and triggering smallies as they start setting up and feeding for the spawn. As smallmouth bass move in waves to spawn, it’s crucial to have several rods rigged to match their range of moods.

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Here are Hahner’s 4 best lures for prespawn smallmouth bass:
  1. Jerkbait. Jerkbaits excel for prespawn smallmouth bass. They’re the ideal baitfish imitator and excel in clear water where sight-feeding smallmouth inspect lures before eating. They’re highly efficient too. They cast a mike and can be fished fast or slow, allowing you to dial in your cadence to the fish’s mood.
  2. Hair Jig. Once an insider’s secret, the hair jig is now a mainstay in smallmouth bass bait, especially when dealing with tentative or spooky fish. A hair jig has a decent-sized profile and is extremely subtle as it’s reeled through the water. Opportunistic smallmouth can’t resist the easy meal.
  3. Alabama Rig. Excellent at mimicking large bait balls, which are the norm on the Great Lakes, the A-rig is particularly effective on windy days or when bass are actively feeding.
  4. Finesse Swimbait. A single swimbait is an excellent pivot lure if an A-rig seems too aggressive and the bass aren’t responding to the erratic action of a jerkbait. A finesse swimbait rigged on a jig is a phenomenal baitfish imitator and also lets you fish multiple depth zones without re-rigging. It just might be the best all-around bass-catching bait throughout the country.

According to Hahner, it’s vital to equip your deck with many rods and bait options to mirror the ever-changing moods and inclinations of prespawn smallmouth bass. From subtle, passive baits like the hair jig to more aggressive options like the A-rig, this list best-of list of lures for prespawn smallmouth bass will enhance your fishing experiences in the Great Lakes region.