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All-Season Jerkbait Strategies With KVD

This video gives us great insight into the power fishing mind of jerkbait maestro Kevin VanDam. Although he emphasizes the use of jerkbaits in and around the Bassmaster Classic period, he extends this how-to to cover the entire year with some very straightforward guidance. If you do as he says, you’re going to catch more bass. According to KVD, jerkbaits have been bypassed for the umbrella rig in recent years, in turn, reducing bass conditioning and in his opinion, making the jerkbait a top presentation.

This video takes a special look at the deep-diving Strike King KVD Deep Jerkbait released at the 2016 Bassmaster Classic, which hits that 8-10 foot mark on the cast. This is a big deal when bass are setup deeper and have a smaller strike window, as is often the case in dingy or cold water. He also covers his rod, reel, and line configuration, retrieves for the seasons and in general, the mindset you should have about jerkbait fishing.