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A First Look at Braided Treble Hooks for Hard Baits

Are you tired of missing or losing bass on hard baits equipped with treble hooks? We caught up with Nick Smith of The Informative Fisherman to learn how braided hooks improve hook-to-land ratios by providing more unimpeded rotations and range of motion than conventional split rings.


Nick also explains how using light-weight braided hooks can improve lure action (specifically with glide baits) in certain circumstances. While split rings mitigate leverage to an extent, they max out quickly. Heavy and rigid hard baits equipped with limited rotation hooks act as a lever, making it easier for fish to throw hooks and tear off. Manufactured, braided treble hooks like the Savage Grip Trebles provide 4 rotations compared to a standard split ring at approximately 1.25 rotations.

Smith also stresses that hooks are part of the bait. Sometimes you want a heavier hook to get baits deeper. Conversely, a lighter, braided hook can improve the action of a lure and find its way into a fish’s mouth through better range of motion.