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4 Tips to Boost Topwater Popper Success

Legendary angler Denny Brauer took some time to discuss key factors that enhance success when bass fishing with topwater poppers. Although poppers are excellent for covering water, Denny stresses the importance of slowing down and letting the lure sit around isolated cover. This tends to coax bass from cover and almost guarantees they’ll connect with the bait.

Denny favors a moderate power rod with ample flex for working poppers; wrist action coupled with a bouncing tip imparts the ideal pop, and like crankbait fishing, the flex also prevents tearing out small treble hooks. A mid-speed 6.1:1 reel provides plenty of line pickup without overworking the lure. Although braid is an option (floats), Denny still favors monofilament line for its floating and overall handling qualities. Don’t disregard the importance of color – it can be the difference between bass bumping the lure or choking it. Change lure color when they’re short striking or missing the bait.