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2 Ways to Prevent Boat and Fishing Gear Theft

If you’re a boat owner, chances are you’ve probably had an incalculable amount of money in fishing products stashed away. You’ve also probably been nervous about theft, whether parked at a restaurant, hotel or boat marina. Fishing equipment not only has cash value but a ton of sentiment to boot. Terry Scroggins knows what his equipment means to him and gives us two ways to secure your boat.

He uses a T-H Marine Loc-R-Bar to block off access to the hatches on his boat deck. The bar is adjustable in length meaning you can install the mounting brackets at nearly any width on the deck you like. Terry’s second line of defense is a two-way alarm system. Any vibration that happens in the boat after the alarm is set will cause it to go off as well as on a handheld key fob from up to five hundred yards away. This system is as easy to install and consumes very little battery power.