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Win $100k with Seaguar Classic Contest

Some say winning the Bassmaster Classic is worth over a million dollars with endorsements. Last year’s winning purse was over $300,000 cold, hard cash. Heck, an Elite Series tournament win scores six figures. Big money? You bet, but so is the chance for you to win $100,000 on the 2017 Bassmaster Classic without picking up a rod. The Seaguar $100,000 Lineup promotion lets you cast a guess on how the Seaguar pros finish in the 2017 Classic that could help you snag a $100,000 payday.

It’s free. It’s fun. It’s easy

  • 9 Seaguar pros, out of a field of 52, are fishing in the 2017 Bassmaster Classic
  • You guess the exact final-day finish for the top 4 Seaguar pros correctly and you could win $100,000


Seaguar pros fishing in the 2017 Bassmaster Classic include Drew Benton, Keith Combs, Cliff Crochet, James Elam, Shaw Grigsby, Jordan Lee, Brandon Palaniuk, Clifford Pirch and Chris Zaldain. While these anglers are scoping out Lake Conroe creating strategies and approaches for the tournament, you can put on your thinking cap, scour the bass websites for insights and then make your best guess on what place the top 4 Seaguar pros finish in the 2017 Classic.

To learn more, look at current abbreviated tournament stats for each Seaguar pro, read Official Rules and to enter, visit