Pro Web Live Announces 2015 Schedule

Pro Web Live has announced some new changes for 2015.

Seminars will now be completely free to watch throughout the entire season. The smaller, more intimate and interactive format will also be available with a $50 VIP Front Row ticket. These guests will be able to chat with the pros and other attendees, ask unlimited questions and have the chance to win several prizes.

There are two ways to reserve Front Row seats: 

By becoming an annual Gold Member of Pro Web Live, which secures a seat in all main events for a full year and grants unlimited access to all past and future ReWinds (recorded episodes). These seats are limited to only 50.

Or by purchasing a VIP Front Row ticket to a specific main event. These tickets are limited to only 10 per seminar, meaning that a total of 60 seats will be available in the Front Row this season. 

There will be 13 main events in 2015 and intermittent special shows throughout the season. All events will take place on Tuesday nights at 8:00pm EST. To learn more, click here.

Below is the scheduled list of 2015 main events:

1/27 – Dave LeFebre | “Finding the Sweet Spot”
2/24 – Jacob Wheeler | “People’s Choice”
3/03 – Ott DeFoe | “In-Depth Jerkbaits”
4/14 – Shaw Grigsby | “Get the Most out of your Lowrance”
5/19 – Ott DeFoe | “People’s Choice”
6/16 – JT Kenney | “Keys to Flipping Consistency”
7/21 – John Crews | “Crews Cranking Crash Course”
8/04 – Mark Rose | “Offshore Fishing In-Depth”
9/08 – Aaron Martens | “Underwater Bass Civilizations”
10/13 – Brandon Palaniuk | “People’s Choice”
11/17 – Shaw Grigsby | “Top 10 Tournament Tips”
12/08 – Dave LeFebre | “Tiny Adjustments, Huge Results”
TBA – Gerald Swindle | TBA

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