LIVETARGET Launches New Website

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LIVETARGET has launched an expansive and innovative website that will provide anglers with a platform for in-depth product research, staying up-to-date with the company happenings, keeping in touch with the latest tips, techniques, and to enjoy LIVETARGET related rich media. The new mobile-friendly website is optimized for all devices and browsers.

Grant Koppers, company founder, commented on one key design element in the architecture of the new site.

“A significant goal in our design work has been to create a product platform that will allow anglers to visit the product area of the site and utilize a tool called ‘What’s Your Target?’ to help anglers find the appropriate lure products,” Koppers said. “We wanted a way for anglers to be able to use available database technology to help find the right LIVETARGET lure, using criteria they set themselves. We also believe that the more the angler learns about LIVETARGET products, the more they will appreciate our advantages.” 

“What’s Your Target?” overview

The new website makes it easy for anglers to narrow down their choice of lures. Whether the criterion is water depth or lure type, target species or forage species—the user controls how the selection is sorted. On the PRODUCT page, one first selects FRESHWATER or SALTWATER. From there, a product criterion is able to be fine tuned by selecting any combination of the following options: FORAGE SPECIES, LURE TYPE, TARGET GAME FISH, and DEPTH ZONE. A truncated list of LIVETARGET lures that only fit the selected criteria will then remain.

Individual products are at all times available for inspection and research. High quality images allow for close-up analysis of color patterns and anatomical details. Embedded video, technical specifications, social media content and technique tips offer anglers the opportunity to see a lure in action and learn how to use it before purchase.  

Also included in the site design is full background information on the origin of the LIVETARGET brand and details about the company’s unique advantages in lure products, and the overall fishing experience. 

“We wanted the site to be robust in product content showcasing the joy and lifestyle of fishing that our brand epitomizes,” Koppers said. “We’ll be doing a lot with trending content from our angling customers and media influencers, so we’ve created a design that is open for consumer activation and participation. Look for us to expand more on this in the future.”

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