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Lee Bros. Preview Toledo Bend Elite Event

Bassmaster Elite Series sophomore brothers Jordan and Matt Lee of Alabama share their thoughts on famed Toledo Bend Reservoir prior to the start of competition on Thursday. The massive 186,000-acre reservoir is approximately two feet higher than usual, causing many anglers to question the outcome of the much-anticipated tournament.

What’s the headline story from an angler’s perspective as this event kicks off?

Matt: There are a lot of fish suspended and the schools I’ve found seem to be small fish—like 12-inchers—instead of the good keepers you need.

Jordan: I live on Guntersville, so I’m very comfortable looking for offshore schools with my sonar, but the schools of bass I’ve found here in practice are mostly small fish. 

What’s the best thing about Toledo Bend?

Matt: Knowing that on any cast you can catch a 10-pounder. (Note: Toledo Bend Lake Association sponsors the Toledo Bend Lunker Program, which creates a fiberglass replica for anglers who certify their 10-pound or greater trophy at certified lake area weigh stations with the program and release their catch alive.) 

Jordan: You can catch winning stringers of fish from 3 feet to 30 feet here, which means there’s a way to catch quality fish just about any way you like to fish for them here.

What three lures do you predict will get the most work among the Bassmaster Elite Series field on Toledo Bend this week?

Matt: Strike King 6XD crankbait, football jig and a heavy Texas-rigged soft plastic.

Jordan: A football jig, a Strike King 10XD and a Texas rig.

Name one song that is top of mind this week?

Matt: “Real Life” by Jake Owen

Jordan: “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Everyday” by Luke Bryan

Weight an angler will need to average each day to make it to the final Top 12 cut?

Matt: I’ll say 17 pounds a day. 

Jordan: 17 pounds.

Pick 4 anglers, other than the Lee Brothers, that you think will do well this week on Toledo Bend?

Matt: Hackney, Powroznik, KVD and Keith Combs

Jordan: Powroznik, Faircloth, Keith Combs and Cliff “Cajun Baby” Crochet