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How to Find Bass on New Lakes | Frog and Jig 1-2 Punch

Fishing new lakes are one of our great joys here at Wired2fish — you get to hit the water without any preconceived notions and let the fish lead you down the right path. Wired2fish’s Ryan DeChaine and contributor Dan Quinn target bass on a new lake with hollow body frogs at sunrise, then adapt to a more productive jig and Tokyo Rig pattern in deeper grass as the morning progresses.

As is typical of late summer and early fall patterns, multiple techniques produce. The approach is still about fishing fast to eliminate unproductive water, then hone in when you get bit. The frogs revealed bass schooled up in deeper submergent grass adjacent to a pad field. Quinn and DeChaine grabbed vertical presentations, then mopped up, rounding out a pretty good bite and adding a new lake to future milk runs.