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Help in the Fight Against Invasive Species

THIS WEEK ONLY: Wildlife Forever is thrilled to bring you custom limited-edition “Lionfish” t-shirts. Through a partnership with FLOAT, every shirt sold will generate $8 to help fight the spread of invasive species. Head on over to to check ’em out. Lots of good-looking colors to choose from!

The recent invasion of lionfish, a non-native predator known for its venomous spines and aggressive appetite, has severely decreased native fish populations by up to 80%. Impacts can be felt from North Carolina and Rhode Island down to the coasts of Panama and Venezuela. Educating the public on how to eliminate threats of invasive species is critical to ensuring balanced natural resources. Through increased awareness, citizens become environmental stewards with knowledge on how to protect their local community.
“This limited-edition ‘Stop The Invasion’ promotion educates the public and provides a great t-shirt while fishing local waters”, said Douglas H Grann, President and CEO of Wildlife Forever.
Securing the future of America’s wildlife heritage depends on educating a new generation of stewards and outdoor enthusiasts who will invest in the conservation of natural resources. Through education we can make a difference.