Double Savings with LEER and Cover Cash

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Whether you fish on the weekends or cover countless miles a year in pursuit of your catch, keeping your equipment safe and secure is generally a top priority of all anglers. This is a major factor in why you are seeing more and more anglers with a LEER truck accessory, if you need a full shell or just a tonneau cover LEER has the product for you.

Rods, reels, clothes, lures, and other miscellaneous gear in the back of a pickup truck have a tendency to get beat up and damaged due to road wear or extreme weather. Adding a LEER truck cap or tonneau cover to your vehicle allows you to keep your equipment safe and secure from all these factors, as well as keeping your gear neatly organized. 

This is why full time professional bass pros like Bassmaster Elite Series angler Terry Scroggins views his LEER 100XQ cap as an absolute necessity. 

“In one year on the Elite Series I travel up to 40,000 miles and I’m on the road for three months sometimes” Scroggins said. “Without my LEER cap, I couldn’t fit all the gear I’ll need over the course of several months in my truck cab and boat. Just can’t do it.” 

More than providing Scroggins with extra space, his cap provides peace of mind. 

“I can lay down in a hotel bed at night and know that all my equipment will remain locked up, dry, secure from wandering eyes, and as organized as I left it,” Scroggins explained. “I’ve had a LEER cap on my last 4 trucks and for me it’s simply a necessity.”

It’s not just the truck cap that anglers are pleased with, there are several other features offered from LEER that have fisherman excited.  Bassmaster Opens angler Hunter Shryock got himself covered with a LEER cap for the 2016 season and has taken a special liking to his LEER Locker. 

The LEER Locker is a ceiling mounted storage system that utilizes space that’s usually wasted.


“The LEER Locker has been huge for me this year,” Shryock said. “It allows me to keep all those little things you always need for a day of fishing in an easily accessible place.  It saves me time in the morning, which in our business equates to more time catching bass. 

 Whether it be bags of soft plastics, baits, fishing line, or even tools the LEER Locker allows me to know where everything is at and all I have to do is pull out a drawer and grab them.”

Now is the perfect time to look LEER products, as special angler discounts are being offered on several different LEER truck cap and tonneau covers until August 1st.  These deals, which are only redeemable for another two weeks, can be found here:

Of course, if you fish bass or walleye tournaments you need to sign up for “Cover Cash” once you have a LEER cap or tonneau cover. It’s free to sign up and you’ll be eligible to earn extra money at sanctioned Cover Cash events, just by owning a LEER product. For more information head to or give Kendell a call at (918) 742-6424.