Crews Joins Cashion Rods

John Crews stated the reasoning why he chose Cashion Rods.

“I joined Cashion Rods because the growth potential is huge with this company. Most companies have a top-down approach and introduce a product to fit the market, however, Cashion is the exact opposite. They developed materials that lead to introducing superior fishing rods. With this company the product and materials used are everything.”

John is an upper echelon Bassmaster Elite Angler and fierce competitor.

“John Crews is the epitome of professional and he demands the best equipment available,” stated Paul Benson, Cashion Fishing Rods National Sales Manager. “In John’s position he could choose to work with any company but he chose Cashion because of our innovation and vision.”

Cashion Fishing Rods started in 2009 when Dr. Matthew Cashion graduated from Virginia Tech with a Ph.D. in chemistry with concentration in Polymer Chemistry. Matthew and his wife Jennifer wanted to live in North Carolina, however, the local job market was less than optimal in 2009. Opportunities are always available no matter the circumstance and Dr. Cashion used this period to combine his two loves, material science and fishing, and Cashion Rods was born.

John has already embraced the Cashion Rods family and will be a terrific addition to a team of dynamic professional anglers which includes FLW Pro’s Tracy Adams and Michael Neal.

“2015 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for Cashion Rods,” said Cashion Rods Founder, Matthew Cashion. “We have a terrific team of top level anglers, we are introducing new rod lines, and the Cashion Rods Tour will be the biggest and best ever.”

Be on the lookout for some exciting videos and rod designs being released in the near future from this new partnership.

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