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Coulter Signs with Corona Extra for 2016

Brandon Coulter likes sand, sun, and a cold Corona as much as the next guy. However his “beach” is the front deck of his bass boat, especially when the fish are biting.  “

Besides being with my wife and four kids, there is no place in the world I would rather be than in my boat fishing,” said Coulter. “I’ve traveled all over the world and visited some amazing places and found my ‘beach’ is a bass boat.”

Corona Extra will be the primary theme of his tournament boat, tow vehicle, and jersey for the 2016 fishing season.  

A relaxing beach and a quiet fishing trip might sound fairly similar for the uninitiated. However, there is very little comparison between sun, sand and the type of fishing Coulter does. He fishes the Bassmaster Elite Series which is fast-paced, high horsepower, high stakes, and high rewards.  

“Fishing for a living can be stressful for sure,” remarked Coulter, “but it’s what I love. And having all that pressure makes it very worthwhile and rewarding when I have a good tournament. It makes that Corona back at the house taste all the better too.”

Wives of professional anglers are always happy to hear about companies thinking highly-enough of their husbands to sponsor them in their professional pursuits. However, for the most part the products those companies sell do not pique their interest a whole lot.  Corona Extra and Deanna Coulter are an exception.  

“Best sponsorship of all time!” laughed Coulter’s wife. “Corona has always been my favorite but now it’s gone to stratosphere status!”

Cherokee Distribution, based in East Tennessee, began working with Coulter four years ago using fishing-centric promotions to increase sales and brand awareness.  

“The programs have all proven to be so successful we decided to approach Constellation Brands and Corona for Brandon’s second season of the Elite Series,” said Shane Sloan, Director of Business Development at Cherokee Distributing. “As a brand they’ve never done anything like this and for that reason it is very compelling,” 

“Working with an angler like Brandon Coulter is something I am so excited to be a part of,” said Bobby Shannon, MDM TN/AR – of Constellation Brands.  

“Living in the South I know how big a deal fishing is. So many of our customers are big-time anglers and they completely understand a man’s “beach” oftentimes has everything to do with personal happiness and a relaxed state of mind. We wish Brandon all the success in the world this year and we will be behind him all the way.”