Benefits of Drop Shot Fishing with Straight Shank Hooks

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Cody Huff brings a refreshing twist to drop shot rigging, stepping away from traditional nose hooks to embrace the efficiency of straight shank varieties. While not always the best approach, straight shank hooks offer distinct benefits in certain situations. Huff shares essential straight shank rigging styles and how these hooks can improve hooking success. 

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For Huff, nose hooking with a compact octopus-style drop shot hook excels for maximizing bait action but can reduce hooking success. The best drop shot rig setups feature a mix of hooks and rigging styles, including straight shank. He started using finesse straight shank hooks to address poor hooking (in certain situations) and limited rigging options. Huff attributes this to the physics of a longer shank (more leverage) coupled with a mid-positioned heavier gauge hook.  


The advantage of threading a plastic on a straight shank hook lies in its placement within the bait, ensuring a higher hookup rate even if the fish only partially takes it. Regarding hook sets, the longer shank coupled with a heavier gauge allows you to set harder and usually hooks the fish deeper, so you can bring the heat (necessary around cover). Huff also likes the ability to Texas rig the straight shank when fishing around cover like grass and brush piles. 

For those accustomed to the traditional nose hook method, adopting Huff’s approach will improve your drop shot success.