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6 Deep Diving Crankbait Tips for Offshore Bass

Deep points, drop-offs and humps adjacent to main river channels or lake basins are prime spots for summer and fall bass. Pro bass angler Chris Zaldain shares how he finds productive offshore bass fishing spots using side imaging and how to trigger ’em with deep diving crankbaits.


Accurate lineups and long casts beyond your waypoints allow you to grind deep-diving crankbaits across the bottom and over cover elements. Bottom contact in this manner is a proven trigger for bass accustomed to feeding on shad, bluegills and crayfish. Chris explains the utility in selecting a crankbait that consistently dives deeper than the coveted 20-foot mark – this allows him to work areas of depth change without losing bottom contact. 

Up-sized gear is essential for making long casts and handing the biggest category of crankbaits. Zaldain hits on his setup, ranging from rod, reel and line.


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