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2 Reasons to Upsize Your Line When Fishing Current

Whether you’re a bank, kayak or boat angler, chances are you’ve spent some time fishing current in a river or reservoir. Pro bass angler Randall Tharp shares a useful tip on when to upsize your line diameter to improve fishing success in current situations.


Snagging bottom structure/cover is a fact of life when fishing current. Smaller line diameters translate into less water resistance and more bottom contact with any given bottom bait. The problems arise when your baits regularly slip into crevices – snagged baits and broken fishing line ensues.


Tharp recommends upsizing your line to add “lift” to the presentation. Increased water resistance against thicker line helps you “float” the bait over the bottom and reduce costly snags. The heavier line also lets you take more aggressive control of fish as well as increasing your chance of pulling free the inevitable snag without breaking off.